Bleaching Trays

Custom Fitted Bleach Trays

Bleach Tray KitA clear, flexible tray produced by our dental lab that fits comfortably over the teeth and holds the whitening gel in place. Our trays are comfortable to wear. They are manufactured to fit every crevice, nook, spacing, etc. between your teeth. These are the same custom mouthpieces that dentists provide. We manufacture your trays alongside trays we produce for our dentists.

How important are custom bleaching trays?

Very important. Having a tray that fits snuggly on your teeth is essential to assure proper bleaching and consistent results. Custom trays also saves you money: because less gel is used. These trays are so comfortable that you an talk while you wear them.

What is the difference?

What is the difference between the boil-n-bite moldable mouthpieces and the custom professional bleaching trays? The precision lab manufactured bleaching trays are more precise and more comfortable to wear. They help you save on the amount of bleaching gel needed and are better for people whose gums may be sensitive to bleaching gels. Custom mouthpieces are safer for the client to create since there is no boiling water involved in the formation process. They are also more comfortable than the bulky boil-n-bites. However, we do provide boil-n-bite trays if a client desires them, but we do not include them in our warranty. We do not recommend using the higher 35% strength gel with boil-n-bite trays.

I have lost my trays. How can I get them replaced?

If you purchased our exclusive replacement warranty, just give us a call at email us and you will receive a new set in a few days free of charge. Without the replacement warranty, replacements start at $49.

What is your exclusive Replacement Warranty?

This warranty is available to those who purchase a complete professional whitening system. It may be purchased at the time that you return your impressions to the lab. Once purchased, your impressions will be kept at the lab and replacement trays are free.(Limit one free set per year) You only pay for shipping.